Sodium Aluminum Sulphate
We are recognized as one of the well-reputed Sodium Aluminium Sulphate Manufacturer and Suppliers in India. NaAl(So4)2 Chemicals are white crystalline powder with astringent taste slowly soluble in water. Soda Alum helps in liberating Carbon Dioxide in Sodium Bi Carbonate in presence of water. It is very economical and effective hence most widely used as acidulent (Acidic Media) in food, biscuits industry and manufacturing baking powder.

Technical Specifications:
Assay 98 % Min.
Bicarbonate Value (Neutralizing Value) 105 Min.
Moisture (at 200 C) 1.5 % Max.
Insoluble Matter 0.3 % Max.
Arsenic Nil
Copper 0.4 ppm
Cadmium 0.9 ppm
Lead 10 ppm
pH 3.5 Min
Color White
Bulk density 0.65 to 0 .71 gms/cc