Aluminum Silicate
We are reputed for providing remarkable quality Aluminum Silicate having the general formula Al 2 SiO 3. Our range is processed from top notch technology and is used as filler and anti settling agent in paint and in the form of semi reinforcing agent in rubber. It is being offered in various forms, is tested on different quality standards and could be manufactured from precipitation or from processing of the naturally occurring aluminum silicate minerals. The precipitated variety is known for offering optimum usage, is stored in fine conditions and gives better properties due to smaller particle sizes and higher white strength value.

Aluminium silicate mineral is light weight and super white in color. It is having high degree of brightness, low plasticity, ease of dispersion. Aluminium silicate is having low bulk density and very low moisture content. It improves electrical as well as mechanical properties. It can partially replace tio2 to give cost reduction. It improves brightness of white pigments. It acts as a good anti- setting agent. It maintains constant viscosity on storage.

Chemical Formula: al2o3, 2sio2, 2h2o

Characteristics of Aluminium Silicate
  • High degree of brightness
  • Light weight
  • Low plasticity
  • Ease of dispersion
  • Low bulk density
  • Low moisture content
  • Perfect to improve electrical and mechanical properties
  • Improves brightness of white pigments
  • A good anti- setting agent
  • Maintains constant viscosity on storage